I’m a writer, wife, mom of 3 boys, actress, and defeated perfectionist. I’ve been told before that I look like a pageant queen and talk cuss like a sailor (true on that second part). My humor and creativity help me fend off my personal dragons: ADD, procrastination, forgetfulness, and OCD urges to be everything. Watching my life is probably comparable to a Celebrity Apprentice season that includes Lucy (I have my own Ethel), Lindsay Lohan (without the drugs and ankle monitor), and Martha Stewart (prison edition). My deepest drive is to help people and I try to do that by just being honest and sharing my failures and successes. We’re all in this together and if I can make you laugh and reflect at the same time, well then I’ve done my job.

If you like what you read here, give my other blog a go http://wckedwords.wordpress.com/

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